----- Suitable for All Layouts
Fuji Panel System Sdn Bhd manufactures a complete range of Acoustic Wall Paneling for layouts such as:
- Auditorium
- Multipurpose Hall
- Sound Proof Room
- Music Practice Room
- Meeting Room
- Audiometric Testing Room
- Home Theater
- Library
- Hotel
Echo Shield™ Panel
  Great Sound Quality & So Easy to Install!

Echo Shield™ Panel is aesthetically designed acoustic fabric panels which enhance and refine sound quality to deliver superior acoustic performance for all occasions.

One can find them in various finishing and sizes, definitely a match for every occasion!

It’s also simple, quick and easy to install as there are different mounting methods to best fit any layout requested for. Another plus point is that, the panels are easily interfaced with electrical and piping systems.



C-Channel / Hook Type
Mechanical Interlock System
Acoustic Performance
Cleverly Designed & Well Built

Echo Shield™ Panel is in-filled with 12mm thick acoustic felt and constructed with 12m m thick wooden frame as well as a layer of perforated shield board which is a great method for frequency reduction.

In addition, some panels are formed by high density resin bonded rock wool with wooden frame or a sandwich of acoustic felt and rock wool. All Panels are covered with selected fabric which is acoustically transparent.

Benefits of the Echo Shield™ Panel
No More Echo!

Can’t hear the lecturer or the instructor? Unclear words during a presentation?

Say goodbye to hearing difficulties in an auditorium as Echo Shield™ Panel helps you to get your message across by absorbing additional echo given the features of being a wall absorber.

This is because it is able to prevent echo flutters from occurring in spaces where the walls are constructed or covered by any hard materials.

Function of Echo Shield ™ Panel
Looks Good, Easy to Install, Sounds Great!
Well defined edges
Superior quality
Easily installed and quick turn-around time
Easy replacement and do-it-yourself concept
Decorative with aesthetic architectural finishing
Typical Vertical Installation
Typical Installation Of Echo ShieldTM Panel
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