----- Suitable for All Layouts
Specialising in design and construction of noise control systems and acoustic systems for Industrial field.

- Sound Absorbent Room
- Machinery Noise Enclosure
- Quality control room (low decibel noise level)

- Running inspection room
- Sound Proof Room
- Acoustic
Precision Machinery Enclosure
Low Decibel Room
(Below 40dBA)
High noise machinery enclosure (From130dBA,
reduced to Below 80dBA)
Quality Control Room
  Fuji Acoustic Doors are available with Sound Reduction ratings from 35dBA up to 50dBA. It can be manufactured to suite all and frame sizes.

Acoustic Doors
Door Panel
Either manufactured from 2mm or 1.6mm thick mild steel sheet c/w epoxy finishing or painting finishing. Both sides are metal sheet or you can prefer to have one side metal sheet and the other with metal perforated sheet. Internal in-fill with high density acoustic insulation and Echo board. All edges are in-filled with a layer of sound absorbent foam.

Acoustic Doors
Door Frame
Frame can either manufactured from 2mm thick mild steel plate or hollow section c/w high density acoustic insulation material. The finishing would be the same as the door.

All Inlet and outlet silencers are manufactured based on the client requirement. It is suitable to apply at many locations such as blower house, generator house and etc. The casing is manufactured from 2mm thick metal plate while all the splitters are manufactured from 1mm thick metal perforated sheet.
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